Mental Health Champions: Teachers

What is it?

A unique package of training and support for Newly Qualified Teachers, School Direct, Teach First, Local Authority and Academy chain participants. Place2Be's 'Mental Health Champions' Programme draws on 21 years' direct experience of working in schools to support School Leadership Teams to take steps towards becoming 'mentally healthy' school communities.

What does it look like?

Consisting of 4 training workshops and 3 consultation sessions, this programme boosts new teachers' confidence and enhances their understanding of children's emotional well-being, ultimately improving classroom management, management of personal stress, improving the overall effectiveness of their teaching. The 4 main areas involve:

1. Supporting children's emotional wellbeing.

Explore creative ways of supporting emotional well-being for all members of the school community

2. Introduction to attachment

Examine the importance of children's early relationships and consider how their context may be relevant to the teacher's role

3. Solution-focused techniques

Explore how to empower children to find their own solutions, build confidence and self-esteem and promote problem solving skills

4. Working with parents and carers

Increase understanding of the challenges of working with parents and consider strategies to address these challenges


This course can start at various points in the year.



 Whole Education schools receive 80% subsidy for Year 1, 50% subsidy for Year 2 and 20% subsidy for Year 3 | commitment to 4 workshops and up to 3 personalised consultation sessions, held over 2 terms | Further information: Place2Be website |