Student Agency in Learning (SAIL)

What is it?

It is a student centred, highly personalised approach to education pioneered by Kunskapsskolan in Sweden for over 15 years and now used highly successfully across throughout the world.



What makes it different/special?

A network of over 20 schools from all phases across England that share the same vision and values for education in the 21st Century. The schools work collaboratively to establish student agency through a variety of different tools and strands such as goal setting, personal coaching and curriculum subjects arranged into steps to achieve mastery. Teachers, students and parents participate in exchange opportunities with Kunskapsskolan global family of school. We also believe that our schools are able to effectively demonstrate that they have not lost sight of the real substance of holistic education..


Examples of impact and use in previous years:

In the last two academic years, all of our network schools inspected by OFSTED have received positive praise - helping those schools to demonstrate at the very least good quality provision. It is helping schools to answer the curriculum-based questions currently being framed by OFSTED and the Department for Education in their search for a broad and balanced curriculum that enriches communities and advances society by instilling the importance of thinking rather than remembering.

Two schools were also accredited by the British Council in 2018 as International Schools in recognition of their integrated global pedagogy.


Cost - £3950 for Whole Education Schools |

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