Student Agency in Learning (SAIL)

What is it?

Taking inspiration from the successful Kunskapsskolan approach developed originally in Sweden, Whole Education schools have begun to come together to create an effective and sustainable partnership of schools in England working and learning together to support student agency in their learning.


What makes it different/special?

This project was started by the teachers themselves, not an external partner or funder. Each of the 12 schools in the first cohort inputted at least £8,000 of teacher time into creating joint resources that are available for Cohort 2 schools.


Examples of impact and use in previous years:

Ansford Academy and Caedmon College Whitby have altered their KS3 curricula the most, and both received great Ofsted reports in 2017 that specifically praised the SAIL project work.




Cost - £3950 for Whole Education Schools |

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