Partners sharing their work at our Annual  Conference Partners sharing their work at our Annual Conference

Who are our partners?

Whole Education recognise that it can be hard for teachers and head teachers to learn about interesting, engaging and innovative projects available to them and their students. And we think it can be equally difficult for our partner organisations to inform teachers and head teachers about what it is they offer.

We try to offer a solution to these problems.
Whole Education acts as a conduit through which partner organisations that have signed up to our statement of common beliefs can publicise what they have to offer schools. And through the Whole Education Network, schools, colleges and youth organisations can more easily discover what is available to enrich the learning experiences of their young people.

Whole Education works with partners who strive to;

  • develop the skills, qualities and knowledge that young people will need for the future
  • make learning more relevant and engaging¬†
  • engage the wider community

Whole Education partner projects work with over 7000 schools and colleges as well as youth organisations and charities engaging directly with young people. To find out more about what our partners deliver take a look on the left hand tab. Each partner page will detail what they do and have some stories from real people actively engaged in the projects.


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