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Innovation Unit’s Engaging School programme provides schools with tools and support to get young people engaged actively and positively with their learning, achieving better outcomes and retaining a commitment to learning beyond school.

They have developed the Engaging School programme (formerly known as Learning Futures) in partnership with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The Engaging School programme offers a suite of free tools and resources that have been designed with schools, and for schools, to increase student engagement. It also offers bespoke support to leaders who want to make their school more engaging for students, or who want to start a new school.

In partnership with over forty schools, they have identified four approaches to designing learning that fosters deep engagement:

• Using project-based learning that crosses disciplinary boundaries, with students of all abilities
• Treating school as a base camp for enquiries rather than as a final destination
• Taking account of (and utilising) every student’s extended learning relationships so that learning is something that can happen at any time, in any place, and with many people
• Transforming school into a learning commons for which teachers, students, and the local community share responsibility, over which they share authority, and from which they all benefit
A suite of free tools have been developed to help schools put these four approaches into practice.
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The Engaging Schools community is free to join, and all the tools are free to access and use.

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