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Snapshot | Lipson Cooperative Academy

Lipson Cooperative Academy is built on the principle that people learn better together and Co-operative values and principles are threaded through every part of the school. These include values such as equality, equity, democracy, self-help, self-responsibility, caring for others and solidarity. Lessons utilise co-operative learning strategies to ensure that students develop their skills as independent learners and in working effectively with others. As well as developing interdependence in lessons, students are encouraged to improve their independence so learning the skills that will enable them to succeed throughout their lives. The school has been recognised by Ofsted in a case study of best practice in SMSC learning. Areas of expertise include:
+ Developing Character, Resilience and Wellbeing
+ Student Leadership
+ Leadership, Culture and Change

Partner Schools
+ The Castle School

Pathfinder Schools
+ Ansford Academy
+ Downend School
+ Fosse Way School
+ Mangotsfield School
+ Marlwood School
+ The Mendip School