The Whole Education Network Offer

Whole Education schools are committed to learning from, and with each other on their journey to provide a fully rounded education for their young people, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to enable them thrive in learning, life and work.
This section highlights how Whole Education can help your school on its journey to providing a fully rounded education.
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“The network provides a catalyst for quality reflection and discussion between staff and colleagues across the country.”
Karine George, Headteacher, Westfields Junior School

+ Opportunities available through the Whole Education Network:
+ Events
To facilitate an effective and engaging network, Whole Education holds a number of events every year across the country to support networking, knowledge-sharing and CPD for school leaders and teachers.
There are three different types of events that we offer:
+ Conferences
+ School based events
+ Twilight Sharing Events
To explore our different events further, please visit their individual pages on the left hand tab.
+ Interest Groups
Fourteen Interest Groups facilitate learning between schools (from ‘Narrowing the Gap’ to ‘Innovations in Literacy’). Pathfinder schools gather around Interest Groups that they have identified as areas of high priority or interest. Schools nominate staff to engage in different groups. Each group has trained facilitators that will support your staff and school to make the most of everything on offer.
To learn more about the different Interest Groups available, please take a look at the left hand tab.
+ There are also three other offers to support wider school improvement and innovation:
+ The Peer Review
The Whole Education Peer Review process is designed to support, challenge and celebrate the progress schools are making in providing a fully rounded education for their young people.
+ The Middle and Senior Leadership Programmes
Leadership provides a key catalyst for change in any organisation. The Leadership programmes will support professional development for leaders at all levels.
+ Narrowing the Gap Enquiry
This project will support small teams of practitioners in different Whole Education Schools to engage in collaborative enquiry to help narrow the achievement gap using the ‘Spirals of Enquiry’ model.
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