Learning through play

Learning happens everywhere and parents have long recognised vital social, emotional and personal skills are often formed and strengthened through play.

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Avon Tyrrell Youth Achievement Foundation

UK Youth's Youth Achievement Foundation at Avon Tyrrell aims to engage at risk young people in positive activities.

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Cycle-Ops Adventure Club

Children in Tameside have been learning and developing new ways of expressing themselves and thinking about the world around them.

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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a tool which helps young children express themselves creatively. Children can make their own video and audio recordings, take photographs and keep a blog of their experiences.

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Lancastrian Special School

Creative and cultural experiences contribute in powerful ways to personal development, including enhancing life skills such as creativity, problem solving and teamwork as well as building confidence. CCE worked with Lancastrian Special School to help the school realise the creative potential of their young pupils.

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The Fizzees Health Project

Future Lab have developed a fun technological solution to the problem of physical inactivity and childhood obesity in the form of the 'Fizzee' the electronic pet.

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The Full Throttle Club

The Full Throttle Club in Walsall have raised money to make their club more accessible to disabled people.

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