The 5 I's The 5 I's

How can we help your school?

The Whole Education Network model is based on the concept of five ‘I’s. We use these criteria as a foundation for our tailored support for your school. Improving academic attainment remains a primary goal for Whole Education schools, with a focus on practices that raise attainment and help to narrow the gap. This is also layered with important strategies to offer a more balanced and engaging education that develops a range of skills, qualities and knowledge.


We can help you to: 


+ Transform professional learning within your school through more effective and personalised school professional learning models and linking your key staff to expertise across the network in their chosen priority areas.
+ Influence thinking of staff at all levels through access to international experts and leading schools across the country – through face to face or virtual learning, without having to leave school.
+ Support innovation in your school through funded pilots to develop new practices and approaches that impact positively on young people – by raising attainment or the development of wider skills and qualities.
+ Support overall improvement in your school both on conventional indicators and ‘whole education’ aspects that your school prioritises – through leadership programmes, impact initiatives, peer reviews and collaborative enquiries on narrowing the gap.
+ Impact positively on young people – all of the activities of the network are focused on helping you, your staff and students to improve attainment of students, while at the same time developing wider skills and qualities they will need for learning, life and work. 


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