Narrowing the Gap through Spirals of Enquiry

This project will support small teams in schools to engage in collaborative enquiry, using the Spirals of Enquiry model, to narrow achievement gaps for their students.
‘Spirals of Enquiry’ is a proven approach, based on extensive evidence, which has been shown to have impact for student outcomes, as well as for teachers.

What is the value for schools?
+ Help narrow the gap in your school through sustainable school improvement
+ Stimulate and/or further develop professional enquiry culture
+ Provide development opportunities for staff at all levels
+ Develop leadership and change capabilities in staff
+ Opportunities for staff to become enquiry leaders across schools
+ Contribute to growing evidence and knowledge base at a national level

We know from research about professional learning that collaborative enquiry (e.g. in a network setting) consistently delivers improvements in learning outcomes for students as well as teachers. (Earl and Timperley, 2008)
Spirals has been the model for teacher enquiry used in the Network for Innovation and Inquiry across BC. Recent PISA (2012) results indicate that BC has maintained its position among the highest performing jurisdictions in the world.

In New Zealand and British Columbia (BC), where the Spirals of Enquiry approach originated, there is strong evidence of sustained improvements in outcomes where an inquiry focus is supported and sustained over time (Halbert and Kaser, 2013).

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Spirals of Enquiry Information Booklet

Spirals of Enquiry - Evaluation of Whole Education's Pilot

2015-2016 School case studies


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