Innovation Unit

Innovation Unit works to transform education experiences for students in the UK and across the world, through rigorous, engaging, authentic learning, school (re)design and system transformation. They offer a coaching support and a suite of free tools and resources that have been designed with schools, and for schools, to increase student engagement as well as knowledge and skill based outcomes.
Between 2013 and 2015, Innovation Unit's UK flagship education programme, Learning through REAL Projects, was funded as a randomised controlled trial by the Education Endowment Foundation, evaluating the impact on literacy outcomes and student engagement. Learning through REAL Projects is a design for learning that connects deep subject content with real world problem solving. REAL Projects enable all students to create extraordinary work that matters. Inspired by approaches pioneered in the US, and developed through a partnership between Innovation Unit and High Tech High in California, REAL Projects are now being used by schools all over England through the REAL Projects Network.
To find out more about REAL Projects, and how to get involved, visit the website at


Innovation Unit