IRIS Connect

IRIS Connect’s video and collaboration platform supports self-improving teachers, schools and systems by enabling them to tap into the knowledge, experience and expertise that exists in schools and in the wider system, and feed back into the community.
With the belief that there is excellence in every learner, in every teacher and in every school, IRIS Connect helps teachers, schools and systems build on their existing strengths.
+ Professional Learning Platform
A personal space for reflecting on, analysing and sharing teaching and learning videos, with tools to gain deeper insight, access contextualised feedback and share snippets of videos with individuals or Groups, if chosen to.
+ Integrated Video Technology
Hassle free, secure lesson recording that uploads videos directly to an individual’s personal account in the platform, with the ability to capture two synchronous views of teaching and learning and even engage in live remote coaching.

+ Groups
Access to a growing wealth of video content and supporting resources shared by education professionals, experts and organisations, and the option to create personalised collaborative spaces to share practice with one or many colleagues, within and beyond a school.
+ Consultancy & Support
IRIS Connect consultants help ensure scalable and sustainable change is achieved, linking development to school, teacher and learner needs. Training, technical support and consultancy comes as standard with IRIS Connect.
“Deploying IRIS Connect cut our CPD budget in half, enabling us to unleash the collective capacity of our teachers.”

Helena Bryant, St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

IRIS Connect