Makewaves is the safe social badging platform for schools. The film above showcases just one of the national badge projects that children and young people can take part in safely through Makewaves.
Open Badges are a new form of recognition and accreditation, offering a social, fun way to celebrate all pupils' achievements and learning.
With Makewaves pupils can safely publish their own blogs, videos, images and text, be rewarded with your own school badges or national partner badges and share work with a real audience. Makewaves is the perfect tool to teach eSafety as it is a real world social network, with key safety and management features for schools. The national Safe scheme of work and badges to reward key eSafety skills runs through Makewaves.
Mission Maker partners include Royal Observatory Greenwich, Parliament's Education Service, NHS England, Public Health England, Naace, Rising Stars, Asda and Unlimited Theatre Company's partners the European Space Agency, The Science Museum, The Met Office and Young Rewired State.
Makewaves is a website and mobile App. Makewaves is free for schools and groups. There are also Pro options available.

'Makewaves is by far the best and easiest way to share pupil content from iPads either internally within the school or externally with parents, other schools and even the world.'
Alan Thompson, Hi Impact Consultancy
'When Ofsted inspectors visited Roscoe in June 2013, they acknowledged that our children have the benefit of two schools. We have the real world of books and the virtual world of Makewaves. Both are equally important to us and both contain valuable evidence of what goes on in our school.'

Amanda Anders, Headteacher, Roscoe Primary School
How Makewaves works with partners
Makewaves is an award winning company with a unique combination of technical expertise and innovation combined with proven project management experience. As leading experts in social media in education since 2003, our work has been featured and commended by the Guardian, BBC, TES and Futurelabs and has been identified as leading good practice by DfE and Ofsted. We have a thorough knowledge of engaging children and young people in a safe and relevant way using new technologies and have led the way in the UK for the introduction of Open Badge technology as a way to engage and reward children and young people safely for their participation, learning and development.



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