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Education Placement Group (EPG) is a leader in education recruitment and retention solutions and the provision of Initial Teacher Training (ITT). We operate under the business names of Supply Desk, Just Teachers, and Teach In, served by a nationwide network of regional offices.  Our collective mission is to collaborate with partner schools and to provide quality support staff and teachers (national and international).  More recently we have been working with schools to help them to ‘home-grow’ teaching talent through our Teaching Apprenticeship Programme (TAP).

As a strategic partner of Whole Education with over 20 years’ experience in the sector, EPG continues to support schools throughout the UK with a consultative recruitment service that they can trust. Our core educational purpose is to work with schools to provide access to quality educational staff that fit their culture, ethos and context and to assist them with the retention of high calibre staff.

The dynamic and collaborative approach that both EPG and Whole Education champion with schools significantly enhances the ongoing dialogue about how schools can thrive and deliver the best education they can to every student in their community. We are committed to supporting schools in their quest to find staff who share this vision and to signposting the Whole Education offering to schools, enabling its members to take learning beyond the national curriculum by building the fundamental skills, knowledge and qualities needed for students to flourish - a ‘whole education’.

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