Hillyfield Primary School

Hillyfield Primary School wanted to develop their pupils’ ability to think for themselves by engaging them in a project which would challenge them to invent, design and create their own pieces of art. This project would require them to both learn how to work effectively in teams and to problem solve. The school began by planning a project where pupils would have to create artwork and inventions to display around the school, all designed to stimulate each of the five senses.

Pupils began with mapping exercises to identify sensory deprived areas in and around the school. They then started to draw designs of their inventions, which they created as 3D models using recycled materials. This was then followed by each of the teams scaling up their models to full size. Creations such as dinosaurs were mounted and positioned in the Year 2 playground, casting dinosaur shadows in the sun.


Teachers were able to develop an ability to work with their pupils in a cross-curricular way. By being exposed to new ways of working, the staff learned how to take risks, allowing the project to be driven by the children’s ideas. The project has increased the amount of practical, hands-on work that happens in the classroom. All of the work linked to curriculum objectives and many of the approaches developed will now be rolled out across the whole curriculum. Every child will have produced an invention in model form, and it is hoped that many inventions will be realised


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