Culloden Primary School

The Innovation Unit worked with Culloden Primary School in the Aberfeldy Estate of Tower Hamlets, an area of long-standing social and economic deprivation. The Innovation Unit worked with the school's Headteacher, the local housing association and the Local Authority to find ways to empower the local community to make use of the green spaces on their estate, as well as to establish more after-school and holiday activities to promote the health and aspirations of the children living on the estate.

Pupils from Culloden Primary School undertook a Pupil Commission to determine what they wanted to have, in order to improve their life on the estate. They interviewed a wide range of people including their local MP, Baroness Morris of Yardley, the Director of Children's Services in Tower Hamlets, and officers from the Local Authority and the housing association. They were asked about their experiences from when they were young, to help the children formulate ideas for what they would like for the open spaces. They were also asked if there were any ways in which they could help make their ideas a reality, with several giving undertakings to help.

The children's questions, their impressions and their wishes for the estate have been made into a DVD which was shown to parents and other stakeholders at the school in July 2009. Several people signed up with ideas and offers of their skills and time to support the project.

Several strands of activity were identified which are now being pursued. These are:

1. Developing the physical environment

2. Promoting the use of space and establishing activities

3. Sustaning activities: establishing mechanisms for people to run/join in activities and identifying potential sources of funding and support.