Food for Life Partnership School of the Year 2008

Food for Life Partnership works with primary and secondary schools to bring parents and the community into the life of the school by having them work together on food, farming and gardening projects.  These projects focus on the education of the whole child, their health, their understanding of the world they live in and the importance of personal responsibility. Involvement in Food for Life Partnership projects serve to teach young people valuable life skills, such as teamwork and communication and engage young people in their school and learning.

It's no mean feat for a school to set up an organic school garden, run growing and cooking clubs, organise regular visits to local farms, serve freshly prepared school dinners with local, seasonal and organic ingredients - and include parents and the local community in it all! But that is exactly what over 1,500 Food for Life Partnership schools are doing across the country and this year 57 schools will be celebrating thier successes reaching the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

Emma Noble, Director of the Food for Life Partnership said:

"I'm so proud to be celebrating these innovative schools, who have created a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable food culture within their schools and communities to the benefit of everybody involved.

"These schools show what real 21st century education is all about, which is using real life experiences to teach the curriculum and providing the next generation with solutions to what threatens their future, namely climate change and the obesity crisis. By empowering young people to make informed food choices and giving them the skills to grow and cook food for themselves and their families, Food for Life Partnership schools lead the way for a more sustainable future."