Year 5 filming a scene of their espionage film Year 5 filming a scene of their espionage film

Spring Meadow Primary School

The Secret Agents at Spring Meadow are filming a scene of ‘Mission Cosmos’, their espionage adventure film that is written, directed, acted, edited and produced by their Year 5 class. Charlotte the director is busily working, “It doesn’t look right…it needs to be funnier…Courtney needs to waddle more”. She shows Courtney and Hannah what she means, and they take the scene again.

The final film is the result of a lot of hard work by the children, who have collaborated together to create their own storyline, write a script, create and act out characters, select scenes and lighting and shoot the film. These creative exercises have really honed the children’s ability to both work as a team and present their arguments to each other in group settings.

When it came to choosing who was going to take which part in the production of ‘Mission Cosmos’ the children were left to decide for themselves what they would like to do; to act, to direct, to film, to record, to research, to make props or to edit. They each chose their own role and took it on with the knowledge of the responsibilities that would come with it.

Their Teaching Assistant, Linda Howard explains that it is not just the improved literacy and all the new words they have come up with during the project which amazes her but also the self esteem and confidence it has given all the children as they have each taken on new and sometimes daunting responsibilities.



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