Bridge Academy- 'Students working from home'

Context: Pupil Referral Unit in Fulham, West London with an average of 120 young people on roll at any one time

Aspiration: Improving disadvantaged families’ experience of education, breaking the deprivation cycle, creating time for personalisation through the use of ICT and pupils working from home one day per week. Involving parents and families in supporting their children’s learning through ICT in the home.

Outcome: The Bridge Academy Online provides ICT equipment, online activities and support for students and their families. By changing the timetable so students work from home for a day a week it allows time for students to undertake these activities and for teachers to personalise their learning. This day provides teachers with the time to prepare more personalised approaches for the students. The role of tutor has changed to become a learning guide and monitor of progress. The ICT in the home has enabled the school to form better communication links with parents/carers. The school is developing 3-way blogs on learning involving pupil, teacher and parents.