Liverpool World Centre

Liverpool World Centre believes that every one of us is profoundly connected to the wider world they live in. Everyday choices and actions, such as buying food; disposing of packaging and travelling impact upon other people across the globe. Liverpool World Centre recently worked with a range of local school councillors to help encourage the teaching of global issues, such as poverty, within schools across Merseyside.

The Centre recently led a project which aimed to promote the practice of non-tokenistic pupil voice in schools, to encourage schools to view school councils as more than just an ‘add-on’ to school life and ethos, and to raise young people’s awareness of their roles as local and global citizens.

By supporting school councillors to lead their own fair trade projects and ultimately to win ‘Fairtrade School’ status, it also aimed to empower pupils to share their learning and knowledge with their peers and to take specific action on fair trade in their schools.

LWC ran sessions with school councils across Liverpool, using pictures and fair trade products to tell the story of the people behind the products. A central aim of all sessions was to equip the pupils with the knowledge and confidence to raise awareness and to educate others in their schools, and to support them to develop an action plan for getting fair trade ‘embedded’ into their school community. Workshops were also run for teachers about the role of pupil voice in the process of embedding a global dimension into school curricula.

The impact of the project went beyond the classroom, as pupils from different school councils in Liverpool took the message home. It also raised the profile of Liverpool as a Fairtrade City, with activities in schools making a reality of that status. The project has been recognised as an innovative model of good practice and has been used to develop a fair trade school network in Cumbria. LWC were invited onto the Fairtrade Foundation’s schools advisory board and helped develop the national scheme.