Next Practice in Parents and Carers: Raising Community Aspirations

In this field trial we have been working with a secondary school in north Doncaster. The aim of the field trial has been to provide a series of practical solutions to raising community aspirations and engaging parent skills levels to impact positively on parental engagement, pupil attainment and employment. This project places aspects of Job Centre Plus on the school site with advice, guidance, and skills training; developing skills training and social enterprises for both pupils and parents; parents running careers evenings. This is providing a practical local solution to raising community aspirations and skill levels whilst integrating support for parents looking for work with their children’s education.


A fifties style milk bar called ‘Shakers’ has been built just outside of the school grounds in response to ideas from young people. They are shaping the new build, constructed in a highly eco friendly style and will be in charge of the venture with parents supporting in a voluntary capacity. Due to the early success of this field trial, Sheffield Local Authority has asked for a similar model to be developed to raise aspirations in a challenging local area of Shirecliffe with both secondary and primary schools. The field trial: ENGAGE seeks to encourage parents to work in the schools both in a voluntary and paid capacity for them to play a more active role in their children’s education.