Newland Girls' School

The Newlands Girls' School wanted to find ways of moving pupils' focus beyond examination results. After seeing a BBC documentary entitled, ‘India’s Missing Girls’, the school was inspired to develop a creative project around the themes of citizenship, identity and self-esteem. Partnering with the Aarti Home, the orphanage featured in the documentary, pupils began writing and photographing their experiences as young people, exploring their own identity and environment.

Impact on young people

Pupils commented that they loved working with photography because of the freedom it gave them to think about where they lived, self-reflect and express themselves creatively. At least two of the group have now altered their option choices for post-16 study to include photography. One pupil stated: ‘I have learnt how important it is to be receptive to new ideas and opportunities, even if you don’t know what the outcome will be.’ The coordinating teacher also noted that "there was a real sense of leadership and empowerment amongst the pupils and pride in what they had achieved."