Zoe and Charlotte in Lesotho

St Benet Biscop School in Lesotho

In December 2009, students from Sutherland School in Shropshire and St Benet Biscop School in Northumberland, accompanied by the Co-operative College, helped to run a student co-operative conference in Lesotho, meeting and sharing experiences with 300 other young people. Zoe and Charlotte from St Benet Biscop report.

Business Students

"As business students in the upper year of sixth form, we were given the opportunity to visit Lesotho, a mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa. This was an amazing opportunity that has changed our lives! The trip involved having to facilitate a group of people within the conference, leading groups to complete different tasks, including the completion of a business plan to aid them with their own co-operatives. This helped their knowledge and understanding of different prospects within their co-operatives. Gaining this further knowledge should help them seize different opportunities that come their way, allowing them to develop their co-operatives further."

"Other than attending the conference, we also visited many other places within Lesotho, including the village of Malealea, where the jewellery we are promoting in our school through Young Co-operatives was produced. It was an amazing opportunity to visit the people that make the jewellery that we are selling as we are very passionate about the work these people do, and we are committed to helping them change their lives."

International Connections

"We managed to make several connections with a variety of co-operatives as well as individuals out in South Africa. We hope our community can help their community in order to make a difference."

"It was difficult to say goodbye to our friends after an emotional week, but we hope to visit again in the future and keep the connections that we established during this life changing experience."

Zoe and Charlotte

The Co-operative College