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Journeys to Outstanding

"The inspiring future of school improvement lies in the fear factor giving way to the peer factor" (Hargreaves and Shirley, 2010)

Regional | March and May 2013

Whole Education supports schools and is, in part, run by schools. Together we are committed to ensuring that what we offer really does develop the skills and qualities young people need to success in education, life and work.

At these one day conferences, education leaders shared how being bold and taking more innovative approaches does not just develop wider skills, but also delivers in more conventional ways too. 

Whose Curriculum is it Anyway?

Becoming an outstanding school in challenging circumstances

Regional | March - July 2012

In March and May 2012 we hosted a series of one-day conferences asking; against a backdrop of increased accountability and expectation how can schools ensure they raise pupils' achievement whilst enabling them to develop other skills and qualities just as vital in today's world?

We know there are many schools across the country achieving outstanding results often in challenging catchment areas whilst also engaging all young people in learning. We heard from a number of such schools including Jo Shuter from Quinton Kynaston, Alan Yellup from Wakefield City Academy and Angela Armytage from Yewlands Technology College.

Other keynote speakers included Sir Tim Brighouse, Professor Mick Waters, Marcus Orlovsky, David Crossley and John Dunford. See the links on the right for a number of slideshow presentations.

Along with learning from leading schools and educationalists, a number of breakouts were hosted by schools working with our innovative projects and initiatives that enrich the curriculum and improve attainment.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Radiowaves reporters from Catmose College at our London event. They did a great job interviewing keynotes and other delegates, take a look here.

In early July we held 'Inside Practice'; a conference in partnership with the Bedford Borough Learning Exchange, where we were joined by many schools from across the region. The focus was on getting inside what a Whole Education looks like in practice. NRich, an impressive organisation which engages learners in rich mathematics have kindly created a webpage from the day. You can also see Chris Godwin's presentation on mobile learning here.

Mick Waters' Slideshow

David Crossley's Slideshow

Approaches to engaging students in learning

Alan Yellup's Slideshow

Angela Armytage's Slideshow

Nrich's Bedford slides

The EAL classroom at Shackleton Primary

Douglas Archibald's slideshow

Language Futures at Linton Village College


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