Annual Conference

Whole Education 3rd Annual Conference | London | Wednesday 21st November 2012 

Over 350 delegates gathered for Whole Education's 3rd Annual Conference at Kings Place in London on Wednesday 21st November 2012. 

The day opened with an expert panel of contributors addressing the conference theme; Becoming world class: what we can learn, what we can do. Delegates heard from Maggie Farrar, NCSL; Heath Monk, Future Leaders; Stephen Twigg MP; Charlotte Bosworth, OCR and John Dunford, Whole Education. 

Mick Waters then took to the stage and provided an inspirational keynote (including a fire alarm for added effect) on Creating a World Class Curriculum. Delegates spent the rest of the day selecting from 20 breakout sessions on the following themes:

- Education Systems, Change and Policy 
- Pedagogy and Learning
- Curriculum and Assessment 
- Narrowing the Gap, Social Mobility and Community Engagement 
- Technology and Digital Literacy 
- Employability and 21st Century Skills 
- Leadership, Change and CPD 

The day concluded with reflections from Brian Lightman, ASCL and two Whole Education Pathfinder Schools. The overwhelming sense emerging from the day is that Whole Education has a serious, significant and constructive contribution to make to the developing education landscape. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the day and helped make it a success! 

You can download presentations from the day on the sidebar.
(links to Lord Jim Knight's Prezi on Technology, Pedagogy and Learning here and High Tech High video here)


Whole Education's 2nd Annual Conference | London | Tuesday 6th December 2011 

Building on the sell-out success of last year, this event bought together leading thinkers in the field to pose some challenging questions, stir some interesting debates and offer some innovative solutions to a big question: How well are we preparing young people for life and work in the 21st century?

If you're disappointed you missed it or simply want to relive the day see the links below for presentations and interviews.

Delegates heard from a host of engaging speakers including, Keri Facer (Professor of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University); Kristiina Kumpulainen (Director of the Information and Evaluation Services Unit, Finnish National Board of Education); Caroline Waters (Director of People and Policy, BT) and Larry Rosenstock (High Tech High). During breakout sessions delegates engaged in discussions and heard from presenters addressing questions such as; 'Is the classroom and the role of a teacher changing?', 'Improving the English education system: are we on the right track?' and 'Do we need courageous leaders now more than ever?'

Jim Smith (Assistant Head at Clevedon School) on the event providing affirmation that his school is right to pay attention to its young people's values and indepedent and life-long learning skills. John Bateman on why he is involved with Whole Education and the importance of moving beyond simply talking- but onto to action and doing! Caroline Waters, reiterating her keynote speech that we need to reassess the skills, qualities and knowledge we priortise in learning. Danuta Tomasz and Dave Flowitt (Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher from Goole High School) as the only high school in their community it is fundamental that they adequately prepare their young people for the future- as it is those young people who will need to contribute to the success of the town.

Watch this space as more videos and interviews are edited and uploaded! 

Mick Waters | Creating a world class curriculum

Chris Welling + Kirstin Kerr | Developing children's zones for England

David Cameron | Hope in a time of challenge

Honor Wilson-Fletcher | What might a 'whole education' town or village look like?

Ian Redmond | What are employers looking for?

John Jerrim | What can we really learn from PISA?

Sarah Maughn | What might a 'whole education' town or village look like?

Sir Mark Grundy and Kirsty Tonks | It's about technology not ICT

Karine George | Digital Literacy at Westfields Junior School