James' story - Greenfields school

James is a pupil in Year 9 who has always had an interest in physical activities of all kinds. However, during the last few years James has been frequently excluded from school, seen leaving the school site on numerous occasions or decided not to attend at all. James found it difficult to concentrate on the formal curriculum for any period of time and he easily lost interest. This led to some disruptive behaviour which was unacceptable to staff and students which resulted in him being excluded from school.

A review of the curriculum for a group of vulnerable students and opportunities for students to express their own ideas on learning that would have meaning for them has led to the ACTIVE Programme. James is very keen to work with community experts who have skills in outdo or pursuits but he now understands that additional formal qualifications in core curriculum subjects are important to him if he is to progress further with his desire to become a qualified trainer. The ACTIVE programme has helped to build James' self esteem and confidence in his own abilities and he now has full attendance in school, no exclusions and has gained 4 accreditations in Outdoor Activities including his ‘green card’ enabling him to climb independently. James now supports vulnerable students in Year 7 who start to exhibit inappropriate behaviour.