Stacey's Story

“During Year 10, I left my family and went into foster care because of a number of family breakdowns. Being in foster care has made a big difference to my life – it has made me feel more independent and helped me to realise I can do things on my own. I have started to get on with my family again now and it’s going really well, but I am still in foster care. The foster people are lovely, but not being with your own family sometimes makes you feel a bit down.

At school, I began the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE), which was fun because I could pick the modules and sections that interested me. It also gave me something to do in my free lessons as I hadn’t been to school for a long time; I felt I couldn’t be bothered. So when I finally came back, I studied only English, Maths, Health and Social Care, and CoPE, which I have now completed!

This course has given me another GCSE equivalent at grade B. It has enabled me to reach my potential and I left school in June with eight GCSEs at grade C or above. My favourite module was Work Related Learning and Enterprise, particularly the challenge about creating a CV and writing a letter to apply for a job. This taught me how to do two of the things I needed for my apprenticeship this year. Lots of the other modules were helpful and I was able to learn other new things that were fun. I have really enjoyed doing CoPE.”